Urban farming

Urban farming

City in England growing their own veggies, spotted on casa field trip in snow to nearby ex-squat cafe.


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website of future farms

Futurefarms is a co-operative, set up in early 2004, whose purpose is to grow food within the parish of Martin in Hampshire, for sale to the people who live there. We are a non-profitmaking enterprise - all proceeds from the sale of our food are used to cover costs and to build up the business.

The venture was started in response to concern about the distance that our food has to travel from farm to plate. This not only increases the amount of road traffic and contributes to climate change; it also creates a disconnect between producer and consumer that results in poor quality food and high prices, with not enough attention being paid to legitimate customer concerns about food safety, animal welfare, and damage to the environment.

In contrast, we sell direct to our customers. We aim to produce food that is tasty, wholesome, and grown in a way that is in harmony with nature and respectful of animal welfare. Since we are a non-profitmaking organisation, our food is also reasonably priced.

The co-operative is run by a committee of eight people, all of whom live in Martin. At the moment, the work of caring for the animals and tending the crops is done by members of the committee, with some hired labour, but ultimately our aim is to employ a full-time farmer to work on the farm. In time, we hope to be able to produce and sell a full range of meat, vegetables, and other food products.