Yesterday was the first day this year that it has been warm enough for me to bare foot again. Spring is here! Summer is on its way and everything is bursting with a new lease of life.

What i have learned in my law degree so far:


I can find you in the Red Hook skylines,
in the subway of Bedford Ave,
in the roads near MoMa,
in the street art and in the art of the streets,
in the Chinatown I haven't see,
in the bed of the Snoopy Gang,
in the eyes of people I meet because of you.

You are here, and Casa teaches.
I remember to myself what I was there.
Like a cloud, like a cloud I get my shape.

I take you around my nest,
like birds we laugh and move,
with control of the not-control,
the magic awareness of thoughtless minds guides us.

The madness of the crazy streets
blasts us and make us sick

from little things, big things grow

The casa was my only reason to come to Amsterdam and had a lot to do with why I stayed. For the most part, I was unaware of the fact that I was living in Holland (except for the weather, which kept me grounded). In fact, I was not living in the Netherlands at all; I was living in the casa, whether inside or outside of it. In casa, I could dare to be myself and witness the reflection in others. In casa, I grew a family. In casa, I could travel by means of standing still. Stand still senza stand-by: motionless change, seamless nomadism, boundless voyage.

Inspirational pilgrimage

Hi kids

I've started writing a book about changing the world (boring!) with Jesus (shoking!). Amsterdam will be on my sort-of way next week and I believe Casarobino is a good place to find inspiration and new ideas.

Who's gonna be there ? I'd come on Wednesday or Thursday.



Urban farming

Urban farming

City in England growing their own veggies, spotted on casa field trip in snow to nearby ex-squat cafe.