I can find you in the Red Hook skylines,
in the subway of Bedford Ave,
in the roads near MoMa,
in the street art and in the art of the streets,
in the Chinatown I haven't see,
in the bed of the Snoopy Gang,
in the eyes of people I meet because of you.

You are here, and Casa teaches.
I remember to myself what I was there.
Like a cloud, like a cloud I get my shape.

I take you around my nest,
like birds we laugh and move,
with control of the not-control,
the magic awareness of thoughtless minds guides us.

The madness of the crazy streets
blasts us and make us sick
and again we survive
walking together,
feeling the road
feeling the road.

like a cloud
like a cloud
we will move and fly away.

naked inside, I get lost to find my way.

The randomness of the event has its reasons.


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That was great to read. I was also in the Casa this summer and learned a great deal about others and myself in the context of this world and my mind. I'm a student and living up near Harlem. I'd love to get in touch so we can share eye-opening perspectives with each other. Message me here please. Cheers. Ross.

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sounds like

you are finding poetry in the chaos of that grand city.
I wish I could bump into you in one of those streets...