Inspirational pilgrimage

Hi kids

I've started writing a book about changing the world (boring!) with Jesus (shoking!). Amsterdam will be on my sort-of way next week and I believe Casarobino is a good place to find inspiration and new ideas.

Who's gonna be there ? I'd come on Wednesday or Thursday.




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i will

my very good friend julia will also arrive on thursday, so i will definitely be here. i was going to escape to beautiful portuguese skies again, but good friends are more important.

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h - 9

I'm hitching tomorrow morning. Be ready.


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Great news! Fuck Potugal!

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Escape while you still can

For the uninitiated - Julien is a legendary figure with some strange mind-washing & fun-making capabilities, estimated magnitude somewhere between the worst South American dictator you've never heard of and the Ghostbusters Marshmellow Man.

I'll make sure not to drop by on my way to Nowhere, Amsterdam :D

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I'll keep you posted. Who will be at home?


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time to get our of here!

Ai, time to get out of here, Julien is coming! Happy hitching & welcome back in Europe - looking forward seeing you again :)