Postal Book Project

Howdy Folks,

So, Charlie and I have begun a new project - one that has been on the radar a while but that is finally getting set down.

We are writing a book about Post.

As you probably know, we LOVE letters. We love writing them, receiving them, and everything about them. So - we are writing a book about postal systems around the world. Letters, Stamps, Post Offices, all that stuff. One of the parts of the book is a little trial, to test the quality of International Postal Systems. We want to know how reliable the post offices are in places like Mongolia, Indonesia, or Pakistan.

Norton's Ghost: A novel about hitchhiking

Expect this novel Norton's Ghost in our mailbox any time soon, as the author Ron Canepa will send us a free copy for a review on Random Roads. But... you can also get a free digital copy (to read or to listen) of the book here as he released the book under a creative commons license!

Inspirational pilgrimage

Hi kids

I've started writing a book about changing the world (boring!) with Jesus (shoking!). Amsterdam will be on my sort-of way next week and I believe Casarobino is a good place to find inspiration and new ideas.

Who's gonna be there ? I'd come on Wednesday or Thursday.