Norton's Ghost: A novel about hitchhiking

Expect this novel Norton's Ghost in our mailbox any time soon, as the author Ron Canepa will send us a free copy for a review on Random Roads. But... you can also get a free digital copy (to read or to listen) of the book here as he released the book under a creative commons license!


So, Jeppe brought this up back when we were in Krakow heading towards 7/8/9, and it's come up a number of times since then. I've been looking at the matter constructively, and was wondering what some of the casa folks think...

Do you consider yourself to be freeloading? When you hitch-hike, dumpster dive, squat, etc?

Sure, you're getting something for free, there's no question about that.

And if you've got no money/liquid capital, you've got to live and survive, so living free makes sense...

Music festivals for free -or- festival dumpsterdiving

I recently came back from Reading festival where I "volunteered".
I noticed Shaun wrote something similar a little while back and thought I'd provide another, more legal and quite interesting option. I think some people here can find this info useful.
The details I'm mentioning here are specific for Reading but applies to most of the big festivals in England and possibly in other countries as well.
Lots of festivals allow some sort of volunteering.

Start a new give-away shop in Amsterdam

Marc, Kadri, Petter and I just met up with Jaromil to check out a possible space for a new give-away shop in Amsterdam. There is quite a bit of space, many many computers and other tech gear and an extremely fast internet connection. We need to gather some more people, we could meet up with people on Tuesday afternoon and/or Saturday the 21st of March. Also, Jaromil is probably coming over on Thursday to chat some more.

in search of free* art-enabling electronic goods

My mission for the week is to find free access to decent quality scanner(s) and printer(s), and/or to obtain these items for the casa. I posted on Freecycle Amsterdam already. Does anyone know where else to search?