Bicycle-Festival Cyclocamp

For those cyclists and community-enthusiasts out there, the Vienna based bike-kitchen calls for fellow bikers and bike-fixers to come to Cyclocap 2011, the first European Bike-festival. I guess there could be some people here who might be interested in joining.

The Cyclocamp is to provide a do-it-yourself (DIY) bicycle repair-space as well as a space for reflection on how these spaces are organised, learn from other DIY-bicycle spaces and have fun together. "We feel the need to (inter)connect with projects similar to ours, learn from other experiences and make friends for trips and other projects."


we saw them pee

The Berlin crowd made cardboard film gear 2 weeks ago and interviewed peeing people all over the Roskilde Festival with it. Now I'm glad to present the video of what happened that is a prove of a self organised and radically spontanious art project. We can make things!!!!

Music festivals for free -or- festival dumpsterdiving

I recently came back from Reading festival where I "volunteered".
I noticed Shaun wrote something similar a little while back and thought I'd provide another, more legal and quite interesting option. I think some people here can find this info useful.
The details I'm mentioning here are specific for Reading but applies to most of the big festivals in England and possibly in other countries as well.
Lots of festivals allow some sort of volunteering.

oerol means another bike/hike trip to the islands


Serpil (milo on casa site) introduced me to this festival, which also has some collaborative art piece, called Wind Nomads- how cool is that?
It's on Terschelling, past Texel. Think you can bike that?
12 - 21 June.