Odesa, missing Casa

Shaun and I arrived this morning at 6 am in Odesa. 18 beautiful people gave us a ride. We have been offered seats, lunches, gifts, vodka, beer but most importantly we have been offered hospitalitly and love. It took us 6 days (included one in which we were just waiting for good intentions of someone else and the road was not than nice to make us meet together).

oerol means another bike/hike trip to the islands


Serpil (milo on casa site) introduced me to this festival, which also has some collaborative art piece, called Wind Nomads- how cool is that?
It's on Terschelling, past Texel. Think you can bike that?
12 - 21 June.


On the same day that Amylin arrived safe and sound in Porto and Pascal came over for a visit while on his way from Marrakech to Leeds, Matt went forth and back, and left again to Egypt and Kasper left (again) early morning to Istanbul, while just a day earlier Grace went back to the States, with at the same time Kassia and Sky arriving one day after each other.