oerol means another bike/hike trip to the islands

Serpil (milo on casa site) introduced me to this festival, which also has some collaborative art piece, called Wind Nomads- how cool is that?
It's on Terschelling, past Texel. Think you can bike that?
12 - 21 June.

Tikopia: the story of a society how made the choise to become sustainable

Tikopia is a very small (5 kmĀ²) and remote island located in the state of the Salomon Islands. Although the area is mainly inhabited by Melanesian populations, the 1200 Tikopia natives which live almost in autarky are from a polynesian background. This island is one of the finest examples of traditional sustainable development.

Pacific island story

I would like to tell you tonight the story of a tiny pacific island, hope it will raise some interest for this forgotten place.

Aerial picture of Banaba