Coitus interruptus

They thaught us how to make bread, and just when we were ready to do our own pasta madre tripping performance live with an audience, they had to leave again, just before the real fun was starting. "Coitus interruptus" they called it.

We were at Damoclash, an Amsterdam based free culture festival (with pizza's for 7 euro) and we were about to give away 15 kilo of bread, but who was gonna make all that bread?

Our new oven and Giorgio's hair

Birthday's. Days you are supposed to bring presents and presence isn't enough. It was Giorgio's birthday yesterday but it was Sunday - shopping for a present wasn't possible. But why would we?

Coup de gueule: this website is not user friendly

Might be a nice toy for geeks but is definitely not user friendly. Be nice with the dummies please;)

Quotes from the work

Quotes from inside the french team in a big dutch company.

"remets tes chaussures, on est pas chez les roumains ici" (french manager to an agent)
("put back your shoes, we are not among the Romanians here")
Here "Romanians" has the meaning of Gypsies.

Tikopia: the story of a society how made the choise to become sustainable

Tikopia is a very small (5 km²) and remote island located in the state of the Salomon Islands. Although the area is mainly inhabited by Melanesian populations, the 1200 Tikopia natives which live almost in autarky are from a polynesian background. This island is one of the finest examples of traditional sustainable development.

Pacific island story

I would like to tell you tonight the story of a tiny pacific island, hope it will raise some interest for this forgotten place.

Aerial picture of Banaba

back to my island

Hi everybody, I arrived yesterday in green Ireland, surprisingly the sun is shinning. I miss yet casarobino, it has been a great moment there in Amsterdam. Magic city and people. The idea of a garden on the roof sounds really interesting. Don't forget to take pictures;) .

Merci à tous.

See you someday, somewhere here or there.