Verjaardagsfeestje Robin

The flyer says it all. Drawing by Gabi. Jeeeeeeeeee :)

Happy Birthday Wishes to Amylin

Today is Amylin's birthday and Valentina & Robino wanted to do something crazy for her. But Amylin is in Istanbul and we are in Berlin: how to cover that distance and to share some love???

Here is our answer. Enjoy and be friendly with your comments :)

Bday on Saturday

Hey there,

This is Selim, the Turkish guy came along last night with the Greek and Arkansas girl last night :D First of all, thanks for the dinner on Thursday night, it was really good!

For the Saturday, we are planning to celebrate me and my girlfriends bday at Sofia's room. It is very close to Casa Robino. The place is called Stavangewerg. You can see it here

Marc and Kadri inna park

Marc and Kadri inna park

Meeting people, sharing stories

Over the last two weeks I ended up meeting people with fairly different backgrounds.
"Louis" from Kurdistan, living in the parallel universe just next wall from casa, hosted our family last Thursday. To celebrate the event, we ate wine leaves stuffed with rice and meat, almost breaking the guideline number one of the casa (no death animals). I say almost because the few food left has been saved over the balcony and eaten there the next day.

Our new oven and Giorgio's hair

Birthday's. Days you are supposed to bring presents and presence isn't enough. It was Giorgio's birthday yesterday but it was Sunday - shopping for a present wasn't possible. But why would we?

Free the Books: Open Library this Friday

It has been suggested multiple times, so it actually becomes time that we organise an open library day. We have over 30 books that we already share among people that pass by the house, but this pile has grown so much lately that we don't have enough bookshelves anymore!

For this friday (which also happens to be my birthday - sweeet!) we'll have an open casa-day, especially for people who want a new book while traveling, who want to swap their book or who want to bring home-made cookies :)


Kasper spams the world with wiki, so why not give him as a birthday-present spamwiki?Hey Kasper, what would be better to give you for your 20-12th birthday than a wiki? So we thought last night and a little while later Spamwiki was born. Our other 100 wiki-ideas simply didn't give the right feeling as much as this one.