Happy Birthday Wishes to Amylin

Today is Amylin's birthday and Valentina & Robino wanted to do something crazy for her. But Amylin is in Istanbul and we are in Berlin: how to cover that distance and to share some love???

Here is our answer. Enjoy and be friendly with your comments :)


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tigers on the highway

it was in the Casa living room that Amylin told me about her strategy for dealing with French and other annoying drivers who were coming on to her after having picked her up.

Having been fluent in their language for the ride so far, when they started being rude, she switched to a language they did not speak (and polyglot that she is, there is no one who knows them all). This was both frustrating and disempowering to the driver.

And it is the disempowering piece which is especially important, for it is a tool for the dozens of other riders who are in that place.

i dont care that it is your birthday, it is just another day. What i care desperately about is that you are alive. And that you are fearlessly blazing new social trails and cultural byways. You are showering your peculiar gifts on a world barely ready for them, but deeply in need.

Goddess speed, fairest Amylin, where ever the highway may take you.

Paxus at Twin Oaks
28 Red 10

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Joyeux anniversaire Amylin!

and bravo to the two musketeers...

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When I saw the first few frames of the video, I thought robino had actually grown a mustache. Then I saw valentina lean over the camera and almost fell out of my chair.

Miss you all. Happy birthday Amylin!

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i love you soooooooooooooooo

i love you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhh

thank you thank you thank you

this was the best surprise ever

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Happy happy birthday to

Happy happy birthday to Amylin!

This video made my day, valentina and robino. :)