hitchhiking a boat across an ocean

We arrived in Gibraltar after most of the boats had already left for the Canaries. I'd been hitchhiking back and forth the Western Europe - Istanbul route several times before I could possibly think of setting foot at sea. So, we wound up here in mid-November, unaware of the weather that would be underway (which is to say: "the worst weather possible"). We spent several weeks here, like a small handful of the boats- stranded- camping in an undersized tent in some polluted beachside ruins of an economically-depressed town through some of the worst storms I've ever weathered.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Amylin

Today is Amylin's birthday and Valentina & Robino wanted to do something crazy for her. But Amylin is in Istanbul and we are in Berlin: how to cover that distance and to share some love???

Here is our answer. Enjoy and be friendly with your comments :)

çin yeni yılı / 春节

Dear Framily,
On Tuesday the 26th of January, we will celebrate the coming of a new (lunar) year: the year of the tiger.

This is a day in which no knives are used and no floors are swept!
Instead, we will celebrate with our extended network of families, eat delicious vegetarian foods and sweets, exchange little gifts (or lightfoot letters and postcards), and decorate our casa.
Please come by in the afternoon/evening with some mandarin oranges (a very popular & "lucky" fruit) and red-colored paper to make decorations and envelopes.

will trade drawing(s) for a new flickr pro account.

var mı?
In case you've made it to Schijnheilig Galerie recently, you've seen two of my new drawings from the past week. In case not, you've seen various numbers of them floating around the casa. Normally, I don't put a price tag on such work, but lately, since I'm broke and push comes to shove, I am.