ad hoc squatted art exhibit

ad hoc squatted art exhibit

schijnheilig invitation

When I first entered, it felt just as cold as outside, minus the windchill factor. The distinct difference, however, was felt in presence and movement: collaborative teams of volunteer-squatters removing debris, cleaning, re-painting grimy old walls and building new ones, organizing, setting up, and taking down... Hours later, some music began in the dance hall room with the bar and stage that had been out of comission for at least ten years prior-- and as such, there was warmth. That was the opening night.

It's still open. It's occupied. We invite you to take a look. You can even see some of my paintings through the window outside. There's even more (from several others) within.

Passeerdersgracht 23 - Amsterdam


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it´s great

Really nice place.
Of course, any place is nice with Amylin´s art, but everything else was cool in there.