will trade drawing(s) for a new flickr pro account.

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In case you've made it to Schijnheilig Galerie recently, you've seen two of my new drawings from the past week. In case not, you've seen various numbers of them floating around the casa. Normally, I don't put a price tag on such work, but lately, since I'm broke and push comes to shove, I am.

Donate Internet to Casa

Anyone here who feels like being the person who donates internet to casa? For the coming year we are planning some changes in the way finances are done in the house. I will open up more visibility to how things are run and would like to see if it will be possible to run of donations for at least 6 months this year.

But I also want to differentiate between 'products' that we need donated. To start with, I would like to know if anyone here wants to guarantee internet for a full year to Casa. Costs are 20 euro a month, 240 in total. Please comment or get in touch with me for details.