The Art of Turning Art into Money

discrimination poster

Could someone please photograph and post or send a digital copy of the poster that is (or at least was) hanging in the bathroom? It talks about discrimination and "they" and says something to the effect of "we are 'they' to them."

Thanks all,

Alternative ways for artists to make a living

Hi kids.

Well, sorry to those who have already gotten the information, but here's for the others:

I'm starting this week a discussion/brainstorm on alternative solution for artists to make a living in the context of more and more artistic content being put on computers. And shared around with nothing getting to the artists. Even if the guy that got a free copy really wants to support the artist.

So far the way that the corporate bastards have found seem pretty inadequate: DRM, sueing random Joes for 100s of thousands...

I think we can come up with better :)

will trade drawing(s) for a new flickr pro account.

var mı?
In case you've made it to Schijnheilig Galerie recently, you've seen two of my new drawings from the past week. In case not, you've seen various numbers of them floating around the casa. Normally, I don't put a price tag on such work, but lately, since I'm broke and push comes to shove, I am.

Donate towards a Work of Art

This wonderful creation of Amylin's has been on the wall of the Casa almost since its beginnings. But so far we have not paid for it! Do you want to donate this piece of art to Casa, so we get to keep this beautiful piece of art? Suggested donation is 250 euro. Get in touch with me, Amylin or comment here.

Zula wall

A lot of work has been done recently on the website, the style changed, the colors, and some other stuff. Now I am working on the way we handle images, using imagefield and imagecache.

Lightfoot - Casale Monferrato, Piedmonte, Italia

Where is Casale Monferrato, you may ask?

Lightfoot StampLightfoot Stamp Well, it's in the beautiful north of Italy, but it doesn't really matter. There are a lot of travelers there, volunteers coming and going, so I spent the time to make a box, added some brief guidelines, left a few letters in it, and there it is. Another Lightfoot box in operation.

You can too!

Une Petite Renaissance (please?)

Once upon a time in a little space with big ideas, there stayed (for an uncertain amount of time) a boy and girl. The boy was quite good at cooking. He had not only the technical skills but the ingenuity of creating even in times of scarcity. Luckily the boy was not selfish. Everynight, he would fix the girl a warm meal, leaving her smiling and relaxed for a peaceful slumber.

Art expo in Delft looking for help with dumpstered meal


We are putting on an Art expo June 20-21 at the Poppehuis squat in Delft and I want to put together a dumpster dived dinner saturday evening. I thought the folks that enjoy the casa's dumpstered dinner might be interested in helping. If so, let me know at [email protected]. Here is the info about the event:

Spread the word!!


Als Het Maar Beweegt is an art exhibition Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st at the Poppehuis, Delft!

Everyone is invited!

The expo at a glance: