The Free Tea BIG Surprise Party

Late afternoon, Friday and the doorbel rings. It is the mailman, "Hi, is this Casa Robino, I have a package for you". I feel surprised and wonder what it would be as I walk down to the front-door. The amazement grows tremendously as soon as I open the door and see the mailman with a GIANT package in his arms.

While walking back up, my excitement increases too. What could it be? What would be in it? While I slowly walk the stairs I check the box but there is nothing really on the square thing that reveals its contents; I can hardly wait to know and the curiosity grows even more.

Donations for the Casa

Hi. Is there anyone who would like to donate the internet (20 euro a month) for the coming 6 months or who would like to donate for anything else on a regular basis?? Please get in touch with me for more info. Help is appreciated, as things are starting to move into new directions here.

Pancake Sunday

Pancake Sunday

Donate towards a Work of Art

This wonderful creation of Amylin's has been on the wall of the Casa almost since its beginnings. But so far we have not paid for it! Do you want to donate this piece of art to Casa, so we get to keep this beautiful piece of art? Suggested donation is 250 euro. Get in touch with me, Amylin or comment here.

Donate Internet to Casa

Anyone here who feels like being the person who donates internet to casa? For the coming year we are planning some changes in the way finances are done in the house. I will open up more visibility to how things are run and would like to see if it will be possible to run of donations for at least 6 months this year.

But I also want to differentiate between 'products' that we need donated. To start with, I would like to know if anyone here wants to guarantee internet for a full year to Casa. Costs are 20 euro a month, 240 in total. Please comment or get in touch with me for details.

36 people on Thursday!

As i looked around the room for one final head count i was filled with a sense of wonder as i realised the total had reached a record breaking 36 people. Not only had we managed to squeeze that amount of people into a two bedroom apartment but we had also managed to feed all of them from the dumpster. As the food we had spent all day preparing quickly disappeared and the satisfied smile of those who have been well fed crossed everyone's mouths i thought how incredible it is to live here and be around so many good people.