The Art of Turning Art into Money

The bloodclots will get you in the end, II

To all who have passed through casa, or will do, or have ideas,

This is a follow-up to this

Listen, I appreciate so much the inspiration and ideas of others when it comes to this. I've been travelling and moving too long and need to settle down for a while. I need an apartment to share with another, and space enough to invite friends and strangers into our place.
I believe I need money for this. As absurd as the concept is for paying for a little box of space. I need this space.
And I have no skills but for my writing.

The bloodclots will get you in the end,

Dear all,
This is a question and a problem I've had for some time now, that I've shared with quite a few of you but have never really received an answer, or that which I've been looking for.

I need to be self reliant in terms of money. For a while, I lived from kindness and occasional jobs here and there, but this reliance on others became exhausting and the power of it (waiting for another to give) becomes something that eats away at the spirit.

Alternative ways for artists to make a living

Hi kids.

Well, sorry to those who have already gotten the information, but here's for the others:

I'm starting this week a discussion/brainstorm on alternative solution for artists to make a living in the context of more and more artistic content being put on computers. And shared around with nothing getting to the artists. Even if the guy that got a free copy really wants to support the artist.

So far the way that the corporate bastards have found seem pretty inadequate: DRM, sueing random Joes for 100s of thousands...

I think we can come up with better :)


Donate Internet to Casa

Anyone here who feels like being the person who donates internet to casa? For the coming year we are planning some changes in the way finances are done in the house. I will open up more visibility to how things are run and would like to see if it will be possible to run of donations for at least 6 months this year.

But I also want to differentiate between 'products' that we need donated. To start with, I would like to know if anyone here wants to guarantee internet for a full year to Casa. Costs are 20 euro a month, 240 in total. Please comment or get in touch with me for details.

Living With Zero Money, Abundantly

(From Living without Money)

I know it is possible to live with zero money, abundantly

How? Because it's happening to me, just as it's happening to ants and deer and slugs and sparrows and bacteria and atoms and galaxies. Because it's happening to the whole, infinite universe outside our teeny tiny itty bitty Babylon we call civilization (which we think is the whole universe).