The bloodclots will get you in the end,

Dear all,
This is a question and a problem I've had for some time now, that I've shared with quite a few of you but have never really received an answer, or that which I've been looking for.

I need to be self reliant in terms of money. For a while, I lived from kindness and occasional jobs here and there, but this reliance on others became exhausting and the power of it (waiting for another to give) becomes something that eats away at the spirit.

RepRap @ Peak Hierarchy

BirdHouse: A birdhouse made out of bio-plastic soon coming to the Casa?BirdHouse: A birdhouse made out of bio-plastic soon coming to the Casa? Yesterday, some of us attended a reading of our friend Michel Bauwens and got the opportunity to meet Erik, who opened our eyes of how easy it is to create our own customizable manufacturing capability.

Erik is involved in the Fablab-movement and he spoke with us about his experience with RepRap's. These are 3D printers designed to be freely reproduced by anyone. The cost of making them yourself is 500 euro.

But here comes the funny thing: you don't actually have to buy these components to build up the printer, but you manufacture them through a different 3D-printer, by using shared digital designs, and then assemble them yourself.