Alternative ways for artists to make a living

Hi kids.

Well, sorry to those who have already gotten the information, but here's for the others:

I'm starting this week a discussion/brainstorm on alternative solution for artists to make a living in the context of more and more artistic content being put on computers. And shared around with nothing getting to the artists. Even if the guy that got a free copy really wants to support the artist.

So far the way that the corporate bastards have found seem pretty inadequate: DRM, sueing random Joes for 100s of thousands...

I think we can come up with better :)

The Gospel of Nomads visiting Existence

The Gospel of Non-Possession, as a Commonality between Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, Nomadic Dumpster Diving Radical Hosting HitchHikers, Free Open Source Programmers and fully p2p/distributed processes?

Ghandi: " I found that, If I kept anything as my own, I had to defend it against the whole world.If they want it and would take it, they do so not from any malicious motive, but they would do it because theirs was a greater need than mine."

RepRap @ Peak Hierarchy

BirdHouse: A birdhouse made out of bio-plastic soon coming to the Casa?BirdHouse: A birdhouse made out of bio-plastic soon coming to the Casa? Yesterday, some of us attended a reading of our friend Michel Bauwens and got the opportunity to meet Erik, who opened our eyes of how easy it is to create our own customizable manufacturing capability.

Erik is involved in the Fablab-movement and he spoke with us about his experience with RepRap's. These are 3D printers designed to be freely reproduced by anyone. The cost of making them yourself is 500 euro.

But here comes the funny thing: you don't actually have to buy these components to build up the printer, but you manufacture them through a different 3D-printer, by using shared digital designs, and then assemble them yourself.