Alternative ways for artists to make a living

Alternative ways for artists to make a living

Hi kids.

Well, sorry to those who have already gotten the information, but here's for the others:

I'm starting this week a discussion/brainstorm on alternative solution for artists to make a living in the context of more and more artistic content being put on computers. And shared around with nothing getting to the artists. Even if the guy that got a free copy really wants to support the artist.

So far the way that the corporate bastards have found seem pretty inadequate: DRM, sueing random Joes for 100s of thousands...

I think we can come up with better :)

So I invite you to join THIS DISCUSSION LIST. And to have a look at the associated wiki page (that's a bit empty obviously).

Hoping to see you taking part in the talk.

I'm available at all time for technical questions, through the channels you can find at

If you have some friends that are confronted to this issue, or are just loud about all that sharing / free speech / open source / society mumbo jumbo, forward this to them. It can't hurt.


PS: I'm in Lyon, France all next week for whom it may be interesting...


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donation info in the file

donation info in the file they are downloading/official website? would be hard for people not to abuse that and replace it with their own details..
how would you guarantee it`s an official website? hmmm