The bloodclots will get you in the end, II

To all who have passed through casa, or will do, or have ideas,

This is a follow-up to this

Listen, I appreciate so much the inspiration and ideas of others when it comes to this. I've been travelling and moving too long and need to settle down for a while. I need an apartment to share with another, and space enough to invite friends and strangers into our place.
I believe I need money for this. As absurd as the concept is for paying for a little box of space. I need this space.
And I have no skills but for my writing.

The bloodclots will get you in the end,

Dear all,
This is a question and a problem I've had for some time now, that I've shared with quite a few of you but have never really received an answer, or that which I've been looking for.

I need to be self reliant in terms of money. For a while, I lived from kindness and occasional jobs here and there, but this reliance on others became exhausting and the power of it (waiting for another to give) becomes something that eats away at the spirit.

halfway uphill

"Öğrenci misin? Yok mı? Çalışır mısın? Ne iş yapıyorsun?"

I think there must be a way out of this system. We've already figured out that if work isn't meant to be satisfying or fulfilling, it shouldn't occupy most of our waking lives. So instead, we work sporadic disposable jobs for two-week periods, saying "This was just a means of getting by for the meantime..." Then, what are we really working toward?

i would rather be dumpster-diving

Yesterday, I had a date with Mr. X. If I had known it was going to be a date, I wouldn't have shown up at all. I was there for a job interview, which he had contacted me for through the CouchSurfing website, no less. However, upon arrival, he seemed to think that it was an interview for him, for the position of getting up my skirt. Needless to say, I wasn't amused. Even if I wasn't still in love (and I am still) with my ex-boyfriend, who makes everyone else look lazy/stupid/ugly in comparison, this Mr.

One-day work in Istanbul

Hey guys, especially those of you who have lived in Istanbul, I'm looking for one-day-work in Istanbul.

No contracts, day-by-day basis, get paid in cash, whatever

What the fuck can I do?

I was realizing.... I really need to work-work, so I can buy a camera, and so on and so on......... But I need a work that I will be able to leave easily.

Does anyone know of a place where I could, hypothetically, work tomorrow, and leave the next day?

Quotes from the work

Quotes from inside the french team in a big dutch company.

"remets tes chaussures, on est pas chez les roumains ici" (french manager to an agent)
("put back your shoes, we are not among the Romanians here")
Here "Romanians" has the meaning of Gypsies.