The bloodclots will get you in the end, II

To all who have passed through casa, or will do, or have ideas,

This is a follow-up to this

Listen, I appreciate so much the inspiration and ideas of others when it comes to this. I've been travelling and moving too long and need to settle down for a while. I need an apartment to share with another, and space enough to invite friends and strangers into our place.
I believe I need money for this. As absurd as the concept is for paying for a little box of space. I need this space.
And I have no skills but for my writing.
Some years after leaving university, I'm beginning to feel crazed again. I don't want to do terrible, mundane jobs and regardless, other people want them more.
We're thinking of heading out of Bulgaria (this grey concrete sprawling desert) and to spain or scandinavia.
But what to do there? I have my ridiculous english speaking abilities as a skill and this is it.
What are people doing? How do we stop travelling for a little while and to try and grow things beyond living in communities (as warm and nourishing as they can be?)
I've been living on so little money for so long now that it's become almost a religion. And I need so much to have a place of my own, at last, for a while. I don't want to stay in this ridiculous city if I can help it ( the way) where no one's ever smiling. Nobody trusts anybody. There are no eccentric people here. Those that I adore.
And I only really have one great reason for being here..another. But, without certain work, I feel bad about dragging her somewhere else with me and searching for long for something that may not even appear..

Ideas? How are people finding work beyond computer skills, barwork or the like which seems to be the common practise amongst travellers that are passing through casa. And I'm not playing instruments so great..
But I'm incredibly creative..but not when it comes to work. Ho!

Where are these bloodclots going? Will they get us in the end? I need to have skills, at last. I need them as I need air. But what? When?

Well, I hope that some of you can provide some inspiration..
Cups and cups of tea to you,


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First off, Jazz, my brother, I miss you.

My two musical projects that succeeded economically the most, started out busking. The first one was an 11 piece tango orchestra in Buenos Aires, with an acoustic piano! We would sell cds and busk. With each cd you got a free ticket for a tango dance, organized by us. This resulted in several European tours!
Working on the street I met lots of different artists who made a GOOD living out of that. Artisans of course, musicians, etc... And that opens soooo much doors. Maybe after a summer of street work, you get in contact with someone who likes what you do, and....

Selling your art on the street makes it go around the world, as tourists seem to be the most interested in these sort of things.
I think as a writer there should be possibilities also. It occurs to me, to sell little books, handmade by you. Of whatever it is that you write well. Perhaps little novels. Books about something, with your personal opinion on a topic... Etc.

Someone gave me a poem written by some street guy who asked her for some words, and then improvised. Printed it on a sticker paper, so as to stick on a notebook, and sold it at will.
I'm sure you can come up with many creative ideas.

Also, and most importantly: I think it´s important that you have your art going, even if it is not a remunerated job. Everything you do will help show who you are, and put you in contact with people who will dig what you do. Or not dig what you do... Which is also cool.

Be here next summer and we'll rock the streets.


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teaching English

I found a job teaching English in Egypt by hanging out there for a couple months, asking around. A friend knew of Amideast, an international organization based out of Washington DC, with locations all over the Middle East. I had no real qualifications (other than a "humanities concentration" in phonetic linguistics - not even a minor), and just got a sample lesson together on the advice of the friend who had already worked there. At first it was difficult and lots of work, but it segued quickly into a tutoring job through the same company that, once I had my lessons together, was much easier and paid better. It's still not saving the world, but it's facilitating communication and cross-cultural exchange, and paid a legitimate western wage in a second-ish world country. I also saw posters up at the local high schools and universities offering tutoring and editing services. Darcy, with whom I was living there in Egypt, edited theses on the side, for Egyptian and International students at the American University in Cairo, making pretty good money (again, for a second world country).

It seemed to me that the main reason I got that job at Amideast was that native English speakers living in Egypt tended to live in expensive expat neighborhoods and wanted to get paid well above $10/hour, especially if that wage entailed doing extra, unpaid work at home. Most expats also seemed to already be there for a reason, and were too busy with school or their other job or whatever to bother teaching English. So for Amideast, finding native English speakers who live cheaply (almost locally) was difficult.

In Milan, Italy, Anca's mom found a posting on (an online classifieds page) looking for an English teacher who could also be a driver. Totally under the table, it paid quite handsomely.

For a short-term job that pays O.K. and isn't soul-sucking, try teaching! Or tutoring! Or editing?

Good luck, Jass. Hugs and love,
And feel free to write or call with any questions,
+1 760 822 9880
gjemmott at gmail

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There is a company doing good so far why dont you start your own community and make light foot official somewhere in europe?

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some more random silly

some more random silly ideas..
they have started to give money for big plastic bottles in netherlands now..25 cents a's pretty easy to find them if you try :) easy money! found 2 tonight...just biking around dumpstering close to the casa.
have u heard about the European Voluntary Service(EVS)? they give u a place to sleep, food and pocket money and u can volunteer doing something meaningful ..would allow u to live somewhere and hopefully host. that's what you wanted to make money for right?
also, shaun's english teaching suggestion actually might be your best bet. i heard in south korea they pay extremely well for english just need to be a native speaker and have any university degree..from what i`ve heard anyway. maybe look into it.
bonne chance!:)

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Finding a job is really

Finding a job is really annoying and lots of people tell you do this or do that (at least they tell me >.<) don't get irritated by that and try to find something you like. If possible try to stay flexible so if you see you don't like what doin you can easily quit! !! !!!!

However I know some native English speakers here in Berlin and they're working as teachers. I don't think they're just giving extra lessons but "real" courses - yeah without any degree or stuff like that. Native speaker = skilled enough :)
Question is: Do yo like teaching?

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hey jass, im reading a book

hey jass,

im reading a book at the moment called "nowtopia" by chris carlsson. It's all about how a new politics of work is emerging and the ideas that creative people are coming up with. I keep thinking of you and this post when i read it. If you don't know it, when im done i'll send it on.


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gambling works for me

gambling works for me sometimes...are you any good at poker? i have some friends that are living extreamly well playing online poker. but i know thats not for everyone. maybe a bad idea actually.

i met another guy in greece who makes really great organic soap...he has been making a living lately selling to at a fair price to hotels and hostels. but again...maybe a bad idea...i know hippies like you dont bother much with soap.

are you much of a farmer? like picking fruit and veg? very seasonal though, as you know.

stock market? na..never mind

hell man...its hard..i know how you money is going fast..normally i dont care about that much because lately i have been in europe where getting bye with no money is not that hard...its actually fun and exciting sometimes...and i could always get bye on playing music in the street, hitching, cs and communities...but when i run outta cash while in india or china i might not be able to do these things as like you im thinking about work...teaching english is what i think it will come down to. not so bad
there is lots of work in spain teach english if your up to it...even doing private lessons will pay your bills. i met a girl from canada who was teaching in madrid without a work permit, the school didnt care...she was making 18euro per hour 20 hours a week. oolala

wish you all the best bro


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I hope you find a way

I hope you find a way Jass..I`m still living off student loans for now, and apart from computer stuff which I try to avoid..I can`t seem to find many ideas of work I could enjoy and have the skills for. I`m still searching..
One thing I may try one day is busking as a living statue.. I heard that in Barcelona for example you can make a lot of money if you have a good costume thing.
..or making giant soap bubbles on the street..playing with some touristy city somewhere.

For you in particular..have u thought about transcription work? proof reading? I saw stuff like that on freelance websites..not sure if they have much for english though. Learn french! :)
or work in a hostel? atmosphere should be everywhere

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there is a time for everything

Brother Jass... I had been thinking about your dilemma, the first time you wrote I didn't trust myself to comment but this time around, I believe I could say something useful.

I have to say Jass, that it takes a lot of courage for you to admit to yourself that you need a home (even if temporary), the only thing is... you sound guilty. Don't feel guilty. It is a wonderful thing you have done. You are brave. (Just like sedentary people are brave when they get rid of their life and start on the road).

Home is where you make it, where you nest, where loved ones are, where we find a purpose. It can be anywhere (even in Sofia).

I want to share the next extract with you, it gathers what I wanted to answer when I read about your predicament the first time...

There is a time for being ahead,
a time for being behind;
a time for being in motion,
a time for being at rest;
a time for being vigorous,
a time for being exhausted;
a time for being safe,
a time for being in danger.

The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She/he lets them go their own way,
and resides at the center of the circle.

What I want to say is, perhaps this is your time to rest, your time to stay, your time to make and spend money, your challenge of a new chapter in your life. These type of changes are tough, complicated, and most of the times have to faced alone... but hey are also wonderful learning opportunities... as large as life.

About having few skills, to me, if you have an open heart, you have all the tools you need. You can serve drinks with the heart, you can clean windows with the heart, you can deliver pizzas with the heart and everything you need will fall into place. The job you need to sustain your new home will come to you although it might not be a perfect fit from the start. Just find your nest.

One step at the time.

Love & Light