36 people on Thursday!

As i looked around the room for one final head count i was filled with a sense of wonder as i realised the total had reached a record breaking 36 people. Not only had we managed to squeeze that amount of people into a two bedroom apartment but we had also managed to feed all of them from the dumpster. As the food we had spent all day preparing quickly disappeared and the satisfied smile of those who have been well fed crossed everyone's mouths i thought how incredible it is to live here and be around so many good people. Throughout the night so many new connections were made and old ones maintained :) I hope to see some of those faces again.

Everyone that helped make that night a success should be proud of themselves, it really was quite an achievement to create that much food in such a small kitchen! Next week, however, i think we should try to push the donations box a little more as we can't continue with the dinners if we don't pay the rent and out of 36 people there was only 10 euro in the donations box... :(

Sunshine and smiles and hugs and love to everyone who came and everyone who helped x


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missing thursday dinners

I got set up in Brooklyn by now. The casa is called OpenNest. I will tell you more about it as soon as I manage to get my blog starting.

However, even if I might have found people who bake bread and have thursday dinners (need to check out this week), I miss the Casa and all of you.

And I send you my love, my smiles, my hugs and my emotional support hoping that the kitten, salami fuck off for me, is still there and to see u all soon here or there...