The Free Tea BIG Surprise Party

The Free Tea BIG Surprise Party

Late afternoon, Friday and the doorbel rings. It is the mailman, "Hi, is this Casa Robino, I have a package for you". I feel surprised and wonder what it would be as I walk down to the front-door. The amazement grows tremendously as soon as I open the door and see the mailman with a GIANT package in his arms.

While walking back up, my excitement increases too. What could it be? What would be in it? While I slowly walk the stairs I check the box but there is nothing really on the square thing that reveals its contents; I can hardly wait to know and the curiosity grows even more.

Inside the casa I put it on the floor, look at it carefully and am trying not to move too fast. Let's sit for a bit and wait, I tell myself. Argh, forget it, where are the scissors!

Opening it I even feel more amazement, more wonder and I am enormously excited. Wait a minute! This box is full with ... tea!? I turn the box upside down and hundreds of tea-packages fall on the floor like a wave into the beach, or a snow-avalanche down a hill. So much tea!

And this isn't it. I see a wonderful book called "The Peace Pilgrim", numerous great Free Tea Party stickers (Make Tea, Not War), a gourd to drink Mate with, a full package of Tulsi (which I had just learned about that week), as well as some other teas (all organic!) and leaflets.

Accompanied with the box is a letter:

My Dear Members of the Casa Robino Family,

A mutual friend, Ms. Lily Luck, has made me familiar with the Casa. She has spoken very highly about you all, and so when she pointed out your need for tea, I jumped on it. You see, I operate a free tea house (a short school bus named Edna). Because of this I have an amazing abundance of tea. All of the tea in the box has been donated or dumpstered. (...)

If you are ever in need of tea, please let me know. I would have lightfooted the box, but I figured it would all be stale by the time it got there. And I couldn't imagine going without tea for so long.

With great admiration,

My letter back:

Woo Giusepi!

Great admiration back to you mister!

What an amazing gift you have send! To receive so much tea is mind-blowing. I have been staring at the contents of the box for a very long time, not believing what we just had been send! Neither could I not stop thinking of how you must have felt thinking how this would be received. Well I can tell you: this is a really great gift that will not be forgotten!

Your gift also comes in a very special time, in which I have decided to enjoy a quiet period for myself, to find a new balance between me and the casa, and to be in a little wintersleep. But your gift made me also realise the miracles of the casa once again and what it does to people, and what it makes people give. So thanks for that too!

And of course I cannot keep the tea just for me. It needs to be spread and given out for free. Tea tastes better when shared! So one of the things I am currently thinking of is to have regular tea-Sundays, mixed possibly with bread-making and or other sorts of social activities that make people aware of how they can share more.

And I can assure you, the tea tastes heavenly. So I thank you deeply with the most serenity of heart. That you may be serving free tea as long as you feel like.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

Free the Tea!


And anyone who comes across Giusepi, make sure you give him a double hug! You will find his whereabouts through the little map on the blog. Thumbs up for free tea!


amylin's picture

amazing & wonderful!

amazing & wonderful!

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just came across these cute

just came across these cute tea pics :)

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slow slow slow
so that you can feel your feelings
stare at your curiosity
appreciate the content
look at the details
drink the tea and understand its taste.

Slow slow slow,
observe the empty casa and "realise its miracles"
find our-own balance, little by little.

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incredible! and i'm late

incredible! and i'm late again! anyway, hugs for all :)

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Amazing! Really happy that

Really happy that there's tea back there again.

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This makes me so very happy.

This makes me so very happy. Long live tea!! May I once again share a cup with both the casa and the tea bus, I miss both deeply!

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wow that's TEA-riffic! :)

wow that's TEA-riffic! :)

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that's a good label

that's a good label actually

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Giusepi is coming soon to our house in california!

I will be sure to pass on the hugs. <3