Casa Update. Pindakaas with Sambal.

Accompanied by sun, I enjoyed great days in Den Haag this week. I am involved in a project about reinventing space which focuses around dumpster diving and community (kind of our speciality). Somewhat related but independent I will also give a talk about 'dropping out' (another speciality) next week in Amstedam, and I am writing lots of words that somehow are turned into sentences but sometimes they don't - and they still make sense!

Zula wall

A lot of work has been done recently on the website, the style changed, the colors, and some other stuff. Now I am working on the way we handle images, using imagefield and imagecache.

van niets komt iets

"I never see hitchhikers", I was told today by one of my five drivers while going back and forth to and from Den Haag. As a response I gave a summary of five people that I know, who are also hitching somewhere in Europe today, and added a short story about night-hitching, and how one can do large-distance hitchhiking.