Preparing the Bikes for More Sunny Times

Spring is here, bringing life back into blossom. And so it got time to bring the bikes out again and fix a couple more of them. In winter Zsuzsanna already took care of all of them with some help of Nimi (see bottom-photo), but the snow and cold brought new damage to most of them.

That's why today Ellen, Brian (patching an inner-tube for the first time in his life) and I took care of that and fixed Katherine, Black&Orange (which is now called Tripy), Mama, MyBike and Jaap's Bike. Bikes that remain are Hugo (we need to paint sunflowers on them, and give the chain an oil-bath) Pyjamas (replacing the butter) and Long-Distance (fixing a front-wheel and the lock). And when that's done, we are back to ten bikes, including Pirate and Dumpster Monster. Yah!

Casa Update. Pindakaas with Sambal.

Accompanied by sun, I enjoyed great days in Den Haag this week. I am involved in a project about reinventing space which focuses around dumpster diving and community (kind of our speciality). Somewhat related but independent I will also give a talk about 'dropping out' (another speciality) next week in Amstedam, and I am writing lots of words that somehow are turned into sentences but sometimes they don't - and they still make sense!

death of a plant

One of the great things that I learned about farming/ gardening before I actually started doing it was: "just try". And if things don't work out like you envisioned, you know what to do different next time... So far we had no problems, the ruccola was growing nicely, and so are the snap peas, green beans and the about 10 different herbs that we are growing. With the help of Derick, who build boxes for on top of the roof and dumpster dived glasses, we even have several greenhouses.

And here came the mistake.