will trade drawing(s) for a new flickr pro account.

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In case you've made it to Schijnheilig Galerie recently, you've seen two of my new drawings from the past week. In case not, you've seen various numbers of them floating around the casa. Normally, I don't put a price tag on such work, but lately, since I'm broke and push comes to shove, I am.

So now, for just under 25 bucks, you can purchase any two A4-sized (or smaller) drawings from me, in order to sponsor renewing my flickr pro account.

Click here for more info on purchasing a pro account. And/or e-mail me for more info; I can also send stuff in the mail, or some selected prints of works that you like and are not currently available in Amsterdam-- just ask!


P.S. I know this posting will probably cause controversy over the usage of proprietary programs/websites, however, despite much continual effort, I still have yet to find a site that is just as ideal as Flickr. The design is perfect, and the community is excellent. With a pro account, I basically can use the site like an online external harddrive. It just sucks a chunk of money out every year, which to me, is the only big drawback.


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i'm already attached to

i'm already attached to flickr. it's actually my favorite website. even much more than casarobino. sorry, it's true. i don't care about hosting of images so much as usability/community/interface/etc....

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flickr is the new tibet too?

I won't get into the FOSS discussion here, but if you can live w/o the flickr community, I bet you could just get someone to host your favorite web gallery software. There are various decent rails and php applications out there, maybe one fits your needs?