Free the Books: Open Library this Friday

It has been suggested multiple times, so it actually becomes time that we organise an open library day. We have over 30 books that we already share among people that pass by the house, but this pile has grown so much lately that we don't have enough bookshelves anymore!

For this friday (which also happens to be my birthday - sweeet!) we'll have an open casa-day, especially for people who want a new book while traveling, who want to swap their book or who want to bring home-made cookies :)

We especially call for those books that you really want to share; not those books you want to get rid of. We like books in multiple languages: we currently have books in English, Dutch, German, French and in Hebrew. We have books about hitchhiking, survival wishdom, open manufacturing, revolutions, sex, war, home gardening/ farming, and quite a few famous novels that you always wanted to read. Apart from some books, do not hesitate to bring a new oven, some teapots (at least!), and your own specialities in terms of food: cakes, cookies, etc. (as long as it is vegan/ vegetarian and preferably home-made).

Bewelcome this Friday the 10th after 16:00 hours. We are open until around 20:00-21:00 or maybe even later.

Ah, and if you would like to share books, but you cannot come on this day, you can also come on the Thursday night dinner and leave some of your books :)


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happy birthday

happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday !!!