Bubble Bombs Chaos -- Beach

Ben Gurion was the rupture, Tel Aviv the bubble, Sderot the bombs, Samar the kibbutz, Cairo the chaos. Next will be the beach and the plane and the casa next week this time.


Kasper spams the world with wiki, so why not give him as a birthday-present spamwiki?Hey Kasper, what would be better to give you for your 20-12th birthday than a wiki? So we thought last night and a little while later Spamwiki was born. Our other 100 wiki-ideas simply didn't give the right feeling as much as this one.


While Kasper made it to Jerusalem in no more than twelve days of hitchhiking, Kadry (a friend of Marc who is arriving tomorrow but sitting next to Kasper yesterday) hitched from Estonia to Amsterdam in 4 days, with only 5 rides. Around the same night of her arrival, Lena and Kardan were stuck in some random toilet in a German petrol station.