Guaka: happy birthday! A new wiki for you!

Kasper spams the world with wiki, so why not give him as a birthday-present spamwiki?Hey Kasper, what would be better to give you for your 20-12th birthday than a wiki? So we thought last night and a little while later Spamwiki was born. Our other 100 wiki-ideas simply didn't give the right feeling as much as this one.

For the World of Tomorrow

We can get 5000 euro for a project if it wins the contest "For the World of Tomorrow". All we have to do is submit an idea and to have people voting for it. Ideas that can be forwarded here are any idea that helps bringing about a more sustainable world.

Visawiki and Sharewiki

Probably after reading the stream of info I started sending out through Robin got slightly too excited, but in the end I managed to set up both and today.

I'm actually trying to squeeze them into one MediaWiki directory together with Cashwiki and Trashwiki. I still need to figure out a couple of tech things (e.g. sharing extensions and different image directories).