Guaka: happy birthday! A new wiki for you!

Kasper spams the world with wiki, so why not give him as a birthday-present spamwiki?Hey Kasper, what would be better to give you for your 20-12th birthday than a wiki? So we thought last night and a little while later Spamwiki was born. Our other 100 wiki-ideas simply didn't give the right feeling as much as this one. So, Kasper, have a look around at your user-profile we made for you as well as the birthday-wishes you already received through And all others, what are you waiting for, go spam him, uhm, congratulate him!


Paxus's picture

viva spam wiki

how many people get a wiki for their b-day
how cool is that

and watch it turn out
that the most important of all the wikis
becomes the spam wiki

which protects people
from the onslaught of advertizing
and shares valuable tips
in mental survival

in a toxic swirl of spam