Our new oven and Giorgio's hair

Birthday's. Days you are supposed to bring presents and presence isn't enough. It was Giorgio's birthday yesterday but it was Sunday - shopping for a present wasn't possible. But why would we?

Instead of creating more waste by buying new things, we used Casa's new oven (thanks Rene!) to bake a special cake (number 10 or so in a few days). And as we together rode to his house we found at the dumpster a nice corkboard (the fourth we found within the past 6 months) and a big whiteboard. Sponteneously we decided this was to be our present from the house. But why would we want to give an empty corkboard?

Without even thinking we just decided to make little notes on the board and to invite everyone there to make a note too. Giorgio didn't even notice while we, one by one, went to the corridor in his house to make those notes (or did he just keep quiet?). And while Valentina was cutting Giorgio's hair (his new look is just too cool!), mom and dad put the last notes up the board.

Birthday's and other celebrations really are at its best when you can turn it into a kind of collective happening, in which everyone can participate to make it something more special. All you need to do is bring the right mood, the right material and somebody celebrate his/her birthday. Thanks Giorgio!


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ah guys!

i wish i could have been present for all of that! i miss you! hugs!!!!!