Coitus interruptus

They thaught us how to make bread, and just when we were ready to do our own pasta madre tripping performance live with an audience, they had to leave again, just before the real fun was starting. "Coitus interruptus" they called it.

We were at Damoclash, an Amsterdam based free culture festival (with pizza's for 7 euro) and we were about to give away 15 kilo of bread, but who was gonna make all that bread?

That was us. We took a table, we put it in the middle of the street and we got started. Walter helped to set us up for the first moments, but here we were, making bread for about 300 people with just one day of experience. And the performance worked very well. While we were busy putting our hands in the dough and playing it, many stopped, wondering what we were doing, while others actually joined in without hesitation.

The pasta madre guys had to leave all the fun to us...

By the time we were ready to put the bread in the oven - it first has to rise (levatare) for 4 hours - the festival was full with drunks, (including some of us). But we were ready to heat up the oven and start baking the bread...

It was about 3 am when we started walking out and handing out the first pieces of bread with humus. It was amazing to see how happy some people were, and they themselves were amazed that the food was for free. Other people again really digged the quality and the effort that was put into it.

Some wanted more and more bread. All we could say was the same what we also say in the casa sometimes: take as much as you want, but remember that the more you take, the less there is for everyone else to enjoy :)


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skill surfer

can one of you show me how to make that lovely bread? valentina?


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I' m the lazy one...

more than showing you how to make the bread, we can do it together. I'm the lazy one at casa, still didn't refresh or "trombato" the pasta once!
too bad. let's do it together next time you are around (which means pretty soon I hope)!