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Casa bound bike guy

Hey all, I'm riding my bike across Europe (and maybe Asia) and I emailed Robin through Warmshowers and he said to let the others know I'll be staying at the casa for a couple nights.

Should get there on Tuesday around midday. If no one is around, I'll find somewhere to chill and come back in the afternoon.

Looking forward to sharing time and space.



Keep on Moving

Back since a week! A great place to come back to, casa. The list to explain why is long. I am always surprised to see what changed, and always come back to the same conclusion: it is similar like before, but also different. And this time, it has certainly 'matured'! I am really thankful to all who keep this place moving further...

So, I found this poster just now that I wanted to share, without going sentimental. The text is known by some of you maybe, but the poster I had never seen before. No clue where it comes from, and who made it...

Cave Man Charlie in distress!

Casa Family,

Charlie, our beautiful biking cave man, has had a bicycle accident in
Alexandria, Egypt, while on his round the world tour. He has broken his
hip, and is having surgery as I type this. The surgery should all go fine,
and he will be on the road to recovery very soon... but there's another 3
months of resting downtime for him...

Im sure we can all imagine how it must feel to be alone in a strange
hospital, unable to get around - and you all know how hard it will be for
him to have to stay off the bike for so long...

Bicycle Benefits

Beauties! Check out this awesome site/program i just stumbled on -

They are set up all over North America, but still very grassroots - the idea is that you buy a sticker for 5dollars from a local business (who has bought them for 2.50), put it on your helmet, and anywhere you go that has the sticker on the door, you get free stuff and discounts. It's to encourage people to ride their bikes around towns/communities and to get benefits if they do.

A participed documentary on riding bikes around the world : For thousand miles"

I have found this amazing production blog about a documentary on long bike journeys.

I suggest you to explore their website:
You will find a very good guide about how to make a documentary and great video materials.


One of the best quotes: "Because in the end it has almost nothing to do with the bike and everything to do with setting out to accomplish something that is intimidating, that is unknown to you, something you know you have a good chance of failing at but doing it anyways and slowly but surely proving yourself wrong."

Bicycle song

tools for survival

Since I had to change a wheel on Isolator with my multi-tool on my last stay, I got some leftover basic bike repair tools from my dad. Mostly good GDR quality ^^. I mean it, the "russian" stuff is much better than this modern junk. And it didn't cost money nor energy, yeh!
Anyway, I will bring them to Project Voluteering in the near future. It's not much stuff, let's check out lightfoot parcel service :)

Mama bike

Mama bike