Keep on Moving

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

Back since a week! A great place to come back to, casa. The list to explain why is long. I am always surprised to see what changed, and always come back to the same conclusion: it is similar like before, but also different. And this time, it has certainly 'matured'! I am really thankful to all who keep this place moving further...

So, I found this poster just now that I wanted to share, without going sentimental. The text is known by some of you maybe, but the poster I had never seen before. No clue where it comes from, and who made it...


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yes it's all about the

yes it's all about the balance... and the bikes !

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sweeeeeeet robin! love it!

sweeeeeeet robin! love it!

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these guys might know more...

good to have you back! if not too drunk, I'll try to come by tonight :)