On the way to Odessa... and further on

Sooner that I could realize, the road caught us, flexible and free like a cat.
Its yellow eyes blinking and silently smiling followed us, meanwhile we where following the flow of the events.

Odesa, missing Casa

Shaun and I arrived this morning at 6 am in Odesa. 18 beautiful people gave us a ride. We have been offered seats, lunches, gifts, vodka, beer but most importantly we have been offered hospitalitly and love. It took us 6 days (included one in which we were just waiting for good intentions of someone else and the road was not than nice to make us meet together).

"Once upon a time: a woman with children..." Meeting Davide some years ago

This can be considered how Davide's post titled "If you were a woman with child..." could have gone. I love to think that my story and Davide's one are linked, that an alternative conclusion made by path crossing and time shifting, is possible.

Today, I remembered my first contact with hitchhiking.
I was only 7 and my sister 1. My mother decided to took us to the amusement park in Rome (only 50 km from my hometown). She thought we needed distractions: back at that time my parents were in the processes of separation, so I think she wanted to spend some time with us.

If you were a women, with children...

While Hitching from Krakow to Zilina, I got stuck in Cieszyn for the night. While sitting at a truck stop, thinking about life, and figuring out where I was going to sleep, I noticed a car pulling in. It was dark, around 10 pm. A lady got out of the car, and as I approached her I realized that she looked as if she had just been crying. She had a strange stagger to her walk, as if she had just been through something traumatic.