Odesa, missing Casa

Shaun and I arrived this morning at 6 am in Odesa. 18 beautiful people gave us a ride. We have been offered seats, lunches, gifts, vodka, beer but most importantly we have been offered hospitalitly and love. It took us 6 days (included one in which we were just waiting for good intentions of someone else and the road was not than nice to make us meet together).
I cannot forget anyone of who helped us in the trip. I discovered the beutiful side of humanity. together with german, polish and ukranian landscapes I visited hearts. I gave hugs and postcards in exchange ( we sent them today as soon as we arrived to Odesa: 18 postcards to say thank you to bring us forward, thank you to trust in us).
I loved it.
Thank to Casa to inspire me to go
I miss you and from here, I send you my love.
Valentina and Shaun


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Thank You two that I met You on my way in Germany. You made my day brighter. You are one of people I cannot forget. Hope to see You again!

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cool! We miss you too! Have

cool! We miss you too!

Have fun.