Eat this Mozart!

At 5 months Novi already starts rocking out the casa.

Coon . Chase the devil

Suprisingly nice cover.

dumpster diving bass song

Being a contrabassist and a dumpsterdiver, I had to share this.

Music festivals for free -or- festival dumpsterdiving

I recently came back from Reading festival where I "volunteered".
I noticed Shaun wrote something similar a little while back and thought I'd provide another, more legal and quite interesting option. I think some people here can find this info useful.
The details I'm mentioning here are specific for Reading but applies to most of the big festivals in England and possibly in other countries as well.
Lots of festivals allow some sort of volunteering.

wireless music control @ casarobino

today i installed MPD on laptopserver (which also got a fixed IP address now). on top of it, the web client phpMp was installed, so anybody can control what music is being played at the casa thru your web browser. connect to the network CasaOpen and point your rig to phpMp @ laptopserver to engage in a playlist war with your fellow hosts.