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It is almost 4 AM and while reasonable people would be heading off to bed, this is a life style which inspires “unreasonable” behavior. Some vignettes:

hAPpY THaNksGiViNg !

"Oh you cook so amazing". People here are totally amazed by Amylin's cooking skills, how she is turning waste into a great dinner. Today she is cooking for 11 people & maybe even some more people who still might be coming. We also just welcomed back Rene, who is just arriving at the right time. We have noodles, tomato & avocado salad, humus red pepper, curried collyflower with dahl, green garbage with cashew nuts and some stuff, a fruit and nut cake, an enormous chocolate cake, and coconut rice pudding with anice, cashews, rasins and cardemom - all vegan. Bisaha - eet smakelijk


It was a whimsical long shot, so i proposed that Dennis and Sierra (dear friends on my eclectic pal Ahnika) who are coming to host at Casa that they write about their willingness to build windmills and roof top gardens. If fact they are not only willing, but experienced in this things which have topped the Casa wish list for a month.

Preparing for Dinner

Preparing for Dinner

Preparing dinner in Casa Robino

Model UN dinner

At dinner yesterday we had:

1 Finn
1 Pole
1 Estonian
1 Dutch
1 German
1 Romanian
1 Yank - me

Tonight we are looking at having a dozen people overnight, including my co-dad Sky and Kassia coming in from Copenhagen. Curiously all the east Europeans are women and all the men are westerns. There were tales of hitching (Karden and Lena just hitched in from Germany, Kaudry last night from Estonia, Mark is coming in today as is Julian and her friend). And we don't know how we are going to fit all these people in this little flat, and we are not worried about it.

Five minutes of Bambi

i'm am writing to the guy who owns the dormant domain name (he also owns .net and .org). We want to steal his idea.

The first two "open source" social solutions to be listed there are:


Anu is at her corporate job in town.
Robin is in YankeeLand
Sky and Kassia are en route to Copenhagen
Anka is in Italy for the week
and i am here = at the Casa, by day, alone

i am almost never alone, by choice
like many, i have a busy social life
unlike most, i seek no alone time

i jump around form task to task
working on fund raising applications
reading the latest election news (i am obsessed)
tweaking wikipedia entries
reviewing friends activities on Facebook

the only think i get out for is a failed attempt to