Model UN dinner

At dinner yesterday we had:

1 Finn
1 Pole
1 Estonian
1 Dutch
1 German
1 Romanian
1 Yank - me

Tonight we are looking at having a dozen people overnight, including my co-dad Sky and Kassia coming in from Copenhagen. Curiously all the east Europeans are women and all the men are westerns. There were tales of hitching (Karden and Lena just hitched in from Germany, Kaudry last night from Estonia, Mark is coming in today as is Julian and her friend). And we don't know how we are going to fit all these people in this little flat, and we are not worried about it.


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incubator kudos

wow, there seems to be an explosion of sweet ideas going on at the casa right now. :) i hope to visit you soon. for now i'm going to anatolia from belgrade, and then..? man, i need to work less and blog more! always a friendly driver around the corner whishes: meinhard.

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UN or NATO? :p

UN or NATO? :p