Five minutes of Bambi

i'm am writing to the guy who owns the dormant domain name (he also owns .net and .org). We want to steal his idea.

The first two "open source" social solutions to be listed there are:

guerilla gardeners: Where the gardener comes in for some fixed fee, plants a garden for with food plants which s/he consults with you about. Then for another small fixed fee, comes in and tends the garden and gives you the fresh food.

sky dry:A highly environmental friendly (as they so nicely call it here in Europa) laundromat which is a front for a clothes lending library. Where members can contribute by paying either in clothes or labor or cash. Discount laundramat fees for members, to encourage them to share machines. Ideally, drying the clothes on giant artistic flag polls.

These are ideas we want to manifest, because they advance sustainability and sharing.

The sad news is that Anka's eyes are requiring medical attention and she will need to quit school this winter and go back to Romania for this work. Anka had a wonderful learning english story from before "the changes"- for years the only English she heard was the 5 minutes of Bambi which appeared on her families tv as a child - oft cutting off in the middle of a sentence. We took her off the host list, since she has not returned from Italy today.

Perhaps we will put it up under the newly acquired site.

The magic is just beginning.



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sky dry

sky dry- a crazy yet accessible idea fleshed out during an all-night brainstorming session in another random city on one of our so common absurd o'clock rants. i love the idea of this being an open source solution, one which will hopefully be manifested by different crews in small towns and huge cities across the globe.

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Idea-ing steals

The laundromat idea is awesome! Laundromats like this are popping up on every street corner in Philly in my mind.