Greetings to casa!

After that somehow complicated trip from Braunschweig to here I really enjoyed that warm welcome on Wednesday 8 pm!

The scene was great. People sitting on the carpet around an unlegged table sharing fine food and entertaining stories in candle light and smooth music. After four days beeing here I really can say - this all day life here. Thanks to all of you!

While the rest of the Brueckenschlaeger crew in Berlin is busy with crabgrass development, here we created a working concept for sharing user profiles and skill search scenarios, between the Travelling School of Life, which is one of my projects, and BeWelcome.
Let's see, what next arises from casa and all the connected projects. This environment is really inspiring!

The Brueckenschlaeger office in Berlin Greifswalder/Schieritzstrasse, calling themselves an open project agency, is a nice place with many web development projects going on. If you are a coder and like sharing you tech skills, visit them! However If you need a place to sleep on tour through Berlin, they are always open. And don't forget to join one of their music sessions ion downstairs! Send them a message or just dive in (you won't miss the remarkable shop window, which attracts many people day by day).


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aris @ skillsurfers

Just two days after we asked for skillsurfers, Kardan (a 'skillsurfer') arrived at the house in a total unexpected fassion, and also at exactly the same time that another regular casa-visitor, Aris, just joined the skillsurfers-tour. Aris also left notes and hand-written flyers around the house related to traveling school of life and the skillsurfers. What a nice synch, yet again - great to see how it all works together :)