Migrobirdo's Vision

"Everybody has the right to dream, to have visions and to speak about them."

Here at the house we did not know about Migrobirdo before, until we got news of last week's events. So let's share some more information about this project. Migrobordo's idea was born in Tübingen, Germany. The idea was to set sail to South America to "create connections between people who are politically and artistically active, subsistence farmers and social institutions."

In addition, the crew-members wanted to hold seminars, perform street entertainment sessions and to invite guests onto the boat, called Der Taube (The Pigeon). In doing this, the crew advocated radical skill-sharing: "Everybody is pupil and teacher at the same time. Equality and openness are most important."



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Aris, so long

"I am really happy to leave this terrible weather and go far away." -- Aris in the offline guestbook, 22nd of November.

Aris in QuiberonAris in Quiberon

Aris. We can still see her sitting on the back-porch, smiling, overwhelming everyone with her smile. Full of joy and perception. She understood the art of perceiving, of traveling; the art of hitchhiking and the art of balancing. Aris was a wonderful young girl with an amazing potential. She was very remarkable with a great sense of direction, depth, and dedication.