good karma

As some of you know I was planing to hitch Casa-Praha-Budapest-Istanbul but then I got a miracle ticket (hello Shaun :) from Vienna to Budapest. A friend from Berlin texted me that I could get it at the morning of my departure from the casa - and she even started working in Amsterdam at Monday so it was only 10min away with Isolator!
Hitching from A'dam to Nürnberg was business as usual, except that we got checked by border patrol (who would smuggle drugs in a hippie VW transporter?!) and I got some of the most arrogant replies on my polite requests for a lift. Outer apparence seems to make a huge difference.
Anyway, after Nürnberg a guy wanted to drop me at a resting point not in my map. I asked him whether it was really on the highway but despite his positive reply it turned out to be barely in sight, down in Regensburg. So getting out on the ramp I see an apparently defect car on the other lane. I helped to push it of the ramp to a parking spot but the driver didn't really seem enthusiastic about giving me a lift later on in return.
Somewhat annoyed at my situation I walked back to the ramp and while I was just putting up the thumb out of habit (no got spots to stop anyway...), the second car stopped and the driver made a detour to get me on the last gas station in Germany!
I eventually got a great ride to Vienna with a guy who does a bicycle magazin, right to a quite park next to the Südbahnhof station and will be leaving in the evening.
So I wrote some BeWelcome requests this morning. There were only very few usable profiles and also looking up the username on CS turned out to be a good idea, unfortunately. But a girl replied almost instantly, very nice and she'll even pick me up from the station.
Yeah! :)