Free Tea and Post

Just made it to Madison, after a journey down the west coast in the Free Tea Bus, Edna. My friend Guisepi serves free tea out of his school bus wherever he happens to be, and lives in it too. We decided to combine powers and do free tea and letter writing. Had some great participation, everyone writing letters and sipping hot liquids on winter evenings in Washington, Oregon and California. Lots of fun!

More stories and photos on Check out his website, it's beautiful :)

Love to you alllll!!!!


Largescale Hitchhiking on San Francisco Bay. sort of.

I just heard about a largescale hitchhiking-ish movement in the Bay area, called "Casual Carpool." Named something of which Americans won't be terrified (because hitchhiking is scary), Casual Carpool is a great way to miss the $7.50 (minimum) round-trip charge to get across the bay into San Francisco.

Introducing: Colorado (chocolate factory dumpster diving, armed drug dealers, strange encounters and the unlikely)

The time: mid April, I’m hitching from Texas to Chicago to meet my Czech friend, Roman. We’ll be hitchhiking together through the Midwest to the west coast, San Francisco to be specific, where we’ll split.

A week later.
Morning, Roman and I are trying to get to Colorado. We’ve spent last night camping under a bridge, in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. Now we’re trying to get the hell out of there.

us of a, this summer?

dear friends of casa robino,

my friend and i are traveling across the united states of america in 2 weeks. we gonna start in la, heading north, then heading east through the lakota nation and so on; to be honest, we got no plan. our trip will take something like 3 weeks in my friend's early 90s towncar which can fit 4 dead bodies in its trunk. since i've been blessed with people who had picked me up everywhere, we gotta give it back - love to pick you up on the road or off the internet.

tata peace

Boulder, USA, housing projects

A project happening in Boulder, Colorado.

New repression statistics

The self-declared state "Casarobino" has just jumped from the 149th to the 13th place in the scale of human rights (Human Right Watch tm) after the total censorship of the hospitality exchange website It is now impossible for a citizen, a resident or a visitor of Casarobino to access the website from within the territory of the state. Our correspondant from Casarobino informs us that there is no concern whatsoever between the citizens of the state, and that the local medias did not emphasize the event.