Free Tea and Post

Letter Writing session in the Free Tea Bus, Edna

Just made it to Madison, after a journey down the west coast in the Free Tea Bus, Edna. My friend Guisepi serves free tea out of his school bus wherever he happens to be, and lives in it too. We decided to combine powers and do free tea and letter writing. Had some great participation, everyone writing letters and sipping hot liquids on winter evenings in Washington, Oregon and California. Lots of fun!

More stories and photos on Check out his website, it's beautiful :)

Love to you alllll!!!!



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oh wait a minute! This is the

oh wait a minute! This is the same Guisepi for whom we have had a lightfoot letter in the box for almost two years now! And you met up sooner than the letter actually reached him, ha!

I also noticed that couchsurfing had an article about the free tea party, you can read it here:

It was great talking to you and Charlie the other day! And I received the box. I was stunned. I am about to make a new post about that.