Sorry for not hugging you all goodbye.

On the morning we left, you were all sleeping so angelically. And that is rare.
Sierra and I didn't want to disturb that, ESPecially because you were all so cute whilst living outside of your cherubic bodies, so we stood there quietly for a few minutes and watched you all. This may seem a little creepy, its probable that it is, but just know that you were loved before we went, and we didn't need to wake you up, cause we already knew that the feeling was mutual.

I left a piece of my heart in amsterdam.

I'll have to be heading back there some time soonish to catch up with it, and see how it has matured whilst living outside of my body and being cared for by your (collective) vortex.

Landing in new york and doing thanksgiving at my friend paiges beautiful loft (pictures soon), with just a small family gathering (100 of my closest friends) was an experience. It was great to see all of the people who I've known since I started living this crazy life, all of the people who knew me back when I was a sad boy from suburban new jersey, who had just moved to the city after finishing highschool.

Its always liberating to be on the road, and have your relationships with your new friends be present and future, and not have who you and the other person used to be holding you(collective) back.

This is not how life in New york city is for me. I've known these people a relatively long time. I've changed, New york city stays the same. Its comforting, but hard to not regress.

This homecoming, a few people seem to notice, which is rare, so It will be (something) to work on building a new future together.

My laptop is locked in my ex roommates room still, she will get back into town dec 2, so then I will be reunited with my lover (my laptop), and we can change the world together.

I have some interesting projects gravitating towards me, so it will be interesting for me to see what I can accompish this tenure in new york, past the basics which is far too much drinking and dancing.

I'm also starting to scheme ways to make a whole bunch of green paper so then I can go down to south america for the winter. Maybe. but Im being pulled other places as well.

I hope though, that I can get back to amsterdam before too much time has passed, collective(you) is beautiful.

Though If I don't make it across the atlantic anytime soon, I still want to work on changing the world in cyberspace with you.

I love you



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well i was not even their to

well i was not even their to be lurked at creepily and i find this excuse unacceptable. i want you to get your ass back onthat plane and fly back to am*dam and hug everyone and then not leave.