Guess what? I missed my plane

(10:11:58 PM) Dezatron: guess what? I missed my plane, looking at my options and considering hitching to London, anyone got any suggestions?
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(11/26/2008 01:38:23 AM) anx entered the room.
(01:39:31 AM) anx: hello there
(01:39:39 AM) anx: is the casa still awake?
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A birdhouse with a wireless webcam

(06:16:55 PM) xo`: hoy !
(06:20:21 PM) xo`: I'm thinking of going in amsterdam in january I have some travel to bo before :) and depens on the money I have I'll buy a netbook so I can finally start my project and really help for 789 and hitchwiki because it's quite difficult to have acces to a computer atm for me
(06:23:37 PM) MrTweek: cool
(06:24:16 PM) platschi: :)
(06:44:22 PM) robino: cool xo!
(06:44:35 PM) robino: just keep us posted on arrival plans :)
(06:44:51 PM) robino: and write something on the website about what you want to do when here :)
(06:45:00 PM) robino: anywhere you feel fit :)
(06:58:23 PM) xo: eww. well I have lived in a rural area for 20 year now with a house with a big garden I've been growing stuff and dig hole since I can. my mom is a fleurist and my father make garden so I know some stuff about that ^^
(06:58:43 PM) xo: and lately I've been interested on doing rooftop gardening, permaculture, gerilla gardening, hydroponic, a lot of fun stuff :)
(06:59:07 PM) xo: so I probably can help you with that
(07:00:21 PM) robino: sounds awesome!
(07:02:01 PM) xo: ohh yeah I remember now you still want a bird house ? it's heasy to make and very nice with a green roof of sedum
(07:10:22 PM) robino: nice!
(07:12:01 PM) robino: yeah the birdhouse is a wicked idea
(07:12:16 PM) robino: we actually have one, but we still look for someone skilled enough to hang it ;)
(07:12:21 PM) robino: another one would be cool too
(07:13:30 PM) xo: with a wireless webcam in it !
(07:15:06 PM) robino: haha
(07:15:41 PM) robino: with speakers so we can talk to the birds :)
(10:55:54 PM) xo`: bye finaly leave tomorrow enfin !