Dumpster Dive Log aka Trash-log

Paxus started making logs for the results of dumpster diving at http://trashwiki.org Maybe now and then we can also put the results here in this forum-post. Today's entry in the trashlog was:
On Nov 26, 2008 Kardan, Sarah and Paxus and Amylin all walked and probably got there a bit late like 4:45. There was no concentration of dumpsters at Bellemy and Bellemy. Amylin spoke arabic to several vendors who were very generous and we got cabbage, bananas, leeks, gift tomatoes, apples, pineapples, peppers, oranges, mangos. The vendors are Moroccon and quiet friendly when approached in their language. The central place where cartons and crates get compressed was no success this time. I was sent away, although it worked two times before to get much there. We asked the vendor at the fruit stand directly next to it on the right. He was busy and told us to wait. Finally he gave us a whole crate of grapes.

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It's amazing what you can do when you ask.

Are there many Arabic speakers in Amsterdam?

~ Andrew